Daily Smile As You Lay Foundations

Welcome in the A SMILE 4 U

Today scientific facts are recoderded.  Surprisingly, scientists after a year long period in the Antarticica have had a return brain scan on arrivial back home.

Imagine how you wold feel if after a year of talking to a few work mates, countless seals, pengins and other wild life you arrrived home. Had a required brain scan.

The results of which come back and you, reportly, have just lost approxiatyely 7% of your brain mass!

Generally people would want the brain to be alive, functioning well.

Surprisingly to have a brain 100% functioning is after all one of the best practices for communicating effectively in a crisis.

Address the physical barriers

Todays isolation factors have increased

The truth is something stranger than fiction.

People forget to use their muscles.

Children have grown up [earing into WIFI devises. Businesses, like people have forged ahead. Lay foundations for their future.

add to this looking downward trend, now nearly every nearly every adult has wondered this earth with a mask on. Usually a facemask or something cloth like.

It could easily be said people out there have forgotten the art of receiving or giving a smile.

The point is there is a question to be asked

Effectively humanity is at the very edge of a crisis situation. One of the best practices for communicating is to #ReachOut with the knowledge that  you have just achieved that satisfying sense of self in life.

Maybe not all personal learning challenges will be fun.

  • Sorting out sensory information.
  • Relaying that feeling of  happiness, pure relief, joy, happiness, light heartedness...

A perfect stranger who stumbles across your path to the appropriate nearby smiling face may wonder what they have found.

Yet the Smile is Hidden

#ASmile4U recognizes values are there until you need to change them.  Of the seven billion people in this world it's amazing to find who remembers to smile at even the littlest of things.

Every one of us has an inner smile as all our dreams come true. We, each one of us deserve to know that our happiness is an energy we may share with close friends, relatives and neighbors.

This lighthouse moment where that full smile beam brushes over everyone around has often shone forward before a picture can be taken.

Dare to forge ahead

Some of the best practices are here for you. ASmile4U Today makes it easier to just simply share a smile.

Take advantage of the smiles included right now.